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Stuffitts Review: Built for feet comfort 

In our last post we reviewed at a unique Crossover Symmetry H.I.I.T System. Today we review an interesting accessory for your lifting shoes, the Stuffitts. I wish I could keep track of the amount of shoes I’ve been through in my lifetime, but there have simply been too many to even consider making a list. With as […]

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Onnit build muscle pack

ONNIT Build Muscle Power Pack Review

In our last post we looked the Inov 8 Fastlift 335 Weightlifting Shoes. In this article we jump back to a company that has impressed us with their style and product offering. Onnit is know for some of the most interesting Kettlebells, however they continue to disrupt the industry so take note. At One of the most challenging aspects […]

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ONNIT SteelBells Review

In our last post we looked at the ONNIT Steel Mace.  Today we review another offering from Onnit, enter with “Steel Bells”. ONNIT is one of those companies that is always making new products. Most of the time they are a real hit, which is why we have to raise an eyebrow whenever we see something that […]

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lifting Strap

Lifting straps: Are Weightlifting Straps a Must or a Hazard?

Lifting straps can be a contentious subject among weightlifters and trainers alike. So what’s the answer, are they a must or a hazard? Well, neither really, because the answer is both. There is no simple answer, as it depends on who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. Ultimately, they are a must, if for […]

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Elevation Training Mask Review: Enhancing A Lifters Performance

When it comes to training your hardest, you need the best equipment possible. There are some interesting mechanisms out there that promise to give you unmatched benefits that you previously never experienced. However, an Elevation Training Mask 2.0 is not only a product that says it gives good results, but it comes through with its […]

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