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Top 3 Olympic Weightlifting books

Weightlifting Theory: Our Top 3 Olympic Weightlifting books

In order to maximize your exercise routines in the gym, you should also exercise your mind when it comes to familiarizing yourself with information regarding Olympic Weightlifting. Many people are surprised to find out that they are doing their routines incorrectly, not resting enough, or simply being counterproductive to all the hard work they are […]

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Top 3 Injuries to Avoid in Olympic Weightlifting

No one ever sets out in an athletic endeavor with the goal of getting injured, but ailments are as much a part of sports as sportsmanship itself. Due to the tremendous mass involved, weightlifting injuries can be all too common, especially with amateur lifters in training with Olympic dreams on their minds. Weightlifting is a tough […]

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Olympic Snatch Pyrros Dimas

Olympic Weightlifting: Understanding the Olympic Snatch

The perfect Olympic snatch or “Snatch” is a spectacle of athleticism with a hallowed history in feats of strength dating back thousands of years. The task involves picking up an incredibly heavy barbell and raising it up over your head with a swift explosion of power. This maneuver has persisted over decades in Olympic competition, […]

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