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Gorilla Primal Kettlebells

ONNIT Primal Kettlebells Review

In out last post we looked at the Adidas Powerlift 2.0. Today we put ONNIT in the spot light and this company is making big moves in the supplement and training equipment arena. We love having kettle bells in our gym at home. On shoulder day, a warm-up with kettlebells will get your blood flowing. Or […]

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ONNIT Steel Mace Review

In our last post we looked at Athletic Greens and how it can add that much need veg burst to you training day. Today we are back with another ONNIT special the Mace. A while back, we were at a gym and noticed that someone was tossing around what looked to be Thor’s hammer. After talking to […]

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Olympic weight set Pendlay_210lb

Pendlay Review: HD Bar and Econ V2 Bumpers

Exercise equipment made by Pendlay are some of the most common that athletes will come across when working out. Glenn Pendlay has had a lifetime of weightlifting experience and began his own product line for others who share his passion. After living in Moscow and studying the science of exercise and human performance, Pendlay took […]

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Olympic Weight Set 500lb_1000lb

Stepping Up To The Extreme – 500lb+ Weight Sets (Part 1)

Athletes who are looking to truly maximize their Olympic weightlifting goals need to view the sport completely different then those who just partake in the sport as a hobby. We are talking about more dedication to the sport, proper knowledge of how to rest and recover, what types of routines to maximize your potential, and […]

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Olympic Weight Set 500lb_1000lb

Stepping Up To The Extreme – 500lb+ Weight Sets (Part 2)

In our last post, we took an insight into some of the first steps needed for athletes who are looking to go from a causal lifter, to a competition ready, better yet competition wining, athlete. After taking another look at a previously reviewed product line, the HG Rogue Bumpers, we realize that not everyone is […]

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Xmark Weight Set

XMark Fitness Olympic Weight Set (400 Pounds) Review

Choosing a new set of weights is a potentially expensive proposition, and so you will want to spend some time doing some shopping around before you buy. If you have been looking for a set of high quality coated weights, then you may want to consider the XMark Fitness Premium Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Set. […]

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USA Sport Olympic Weight Set Review

USA Sports 400LB Olympic Weight Set Review

Finding just the right Olympic weight set for your home gym is not easy, primarily because of the different varieties of weights and configurations that are now available. Some people like coated weights, some love those with cut-outs, or specific types of handles and grips, while others go for something that is a little more […]

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