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Enso Muscle Roller: It hurts but it Works 

In our last post we looked at the Rogue Yoke. Today we look at one of the best recovery tool any lifter can have in their toolset. If you want to prevent injuries and also help your muscles relax after a workout, then it’s important that you are taking the necessary precautions to help your body recover.

While it may not be financially feasible for you to head over to your massage therapist after each workout, you should be happy to know that foam rollers are ideal for that post-workout recovery that you need. However, there are plenty of foam rollers out there, many of which are junk, so it’s important that you find one that is going to be worth your investment.

Of all of the foam rollers that we’ve been able to use over the years, we really enjoy the Enso Muscle Roller. You may think that all muscle rollers are the same, but you’ll notice that this certainly isn’t after using this roller just a few times.

You may not be completely sold on the idea of investing a lot of money into a foam roller, but here are some reasons why the Enso Foam Roller is worth every penny.

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Enso Muscle Roller Features

Evofit Adjustable roller

The Enso Foam Roller isn’t your average foam roller. Instead, you can fully customize this equipment so that it fits perfectly to your body. Whether you want a single roller to run up and down the tight spots in your body, or you want to attach all of the rollers and get a complete massage in, the options are available with their patent-pending technology.

This is an incredibly unique and new way to look at foam rollers, and athletes are going to be pleased with how well it works.

Keep in mind that foam rollers aren’t supposed to be something that feel comfortable at the time you are using them. After all, anyone who has ever had a sports massage can attest to the idea that sometimes a bit of extra pain for a short period of time is well worth it when your muscles free up and relax.

With the Enso Muscle Roller, you get to control how much pressure you put on your body. If you want a soft and comfortable massage, then you can do so. Or if you are looking for something that will hit your deep tissues and give you a low-impact massage, you’ll get that as well.

Enso Design And Style

The Enso Muscle Roller was designed to help reach your trigger spots that typically cause the most discomfort or soreness after an intense workout. And because you can easily add or remove as many of the rollers as you’d like, you can decide just how much you want to hit during your time using it.

We also love how versatile the Enso Muscle Roller is. It’s impossible to imagine putting a huge foam roller into a gym bag and carrying it around with you. However, the Enso Roller can easily be taken apart or put together as you need, which makes it incredibly easy to transport around.

Price of the Muscle Roller

We think that the Enso Muscle Roller is actually set at an incredibly fair price, and we’d even be willing to pay more for what it does. The Roller is priced at $69, which is about what you’d pay for a massage when you also include the tip. The fact that you can use the Enso Muscle Roller as often as you’d like for just one payment of $69, it’s certainly well worth it.

enso Evofit Adjustable rollerPros

  • Helps to hit target-points in your muscles and alleviate stress buildup.
  • Ideal for those that are on the go and want to take their muscle roller with them.
  • Farily priced and well worth the investment.


  • It’s hard to pinpoint any true discrepancies with the Enso Foam Roller. If you are in the market for a roller, this is certainly the one to get.

Rating 5star out of 5 stars


Overall Impressions

It may hurt, but the Enso Muscle Roller is worth the pain. In our opinion the foam roller market now has a new leader to catch up to and standard to adhere to.

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