ONNIT SteelBells Review

In our last post we looked at the ONNIT Steel Mace.  Today we review another offering from Onnit, enter with “Steel Bells”. ONNIT is one of those companies that is always making new products.

Most of the time they are a real hit, which is why we have to raise an eyebrow whenever we see something that catches our interest. The most recent piece of equipment to catch our eye has to be the ONNIT SteelBells. While you may have never trained with Bells before, you’ll quickly learn how these unconventional pieces of equipment can help you get a workout like never before.

There are some things to keep in mind as we were going through our workout session of the ONNIT SteelBells.

First, we know that there are only a few other options on the market to even compare it to. Because of that, we know that it takes more to review something that doesn’t have a lot of foreground in front of it.

The second thing we understand is that SteelBells are likely getting into that upper echelon of products that really separate your average athlete from your serious competitor. That’s because it’s very unlikely that your average Joe who is just learning the difference between a pushup and a pull up is going to want to invest in SteelBells.

But if you know your way around the gym and are looking for something to mix things up like never before, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a look at the functional, versatile, and unconventional use of ONNIT SteelBells.

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Why SteelBells?

bells front

The first question that you may want to answer is why you’d consider SteelBell training. We mentioned above that this is an ideal workout option for those that have been training for years and are now looking for something new to mix it up. For example, maybe those bodyweight squats aren’t quite doing it for you anymore, but you want to do something more than just holding a barbell behind your neck. Check out the Bells in action:

Grab onto the ONNIT SteelBell and hold it close, and you’ll notice how much more challenging your workouts have become. Soldiers, fighters, and athletes of all types rely on SteelBell training to mix things up, which is what you may want to do as well.

SteelBells Product Features & Overview


The ONNIT SteelBell is a neoprene bag that has been filled with steel shot. They are made to withstand a variety of different conditions, depending on the workout you are taking part in. For example, Bells are perfect for grabbing hold of while doing bodyweight squats. But while that may not put a lot of pressure on the exterior of the bags, you can also use the SteelBells as you would a slam ball or sandbag. It can withstand the torment that you put it through, which is perfect for maintaining a durable exterior for years.

Also on the exterior of each SteelBell is an angry primal monkey looking back at you. We appreciate the gym equipment out there that comes in neutral colors, as they make exercise look to be much more appealing for the masses. After all, a healthier life is a better life for all! But, let’s be honest. You aren’t one of those athletes.

Instead, you need something that will get your juices flowing when you start training. And with the yelling primate that is on the exterior of the SteelBell models, you will find your inner primal instincts to finish your set as hard as you can.

Finally, we appreciate the different weight options that are available with the ONNIT Primal SteelBell. They include 10lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb models. Having this many options to choose from is perfect for athletes of all abilities. Whether you are throwing around serious weight or just getting started, there are a multitude of options to choose from with the Primal Bell.

One downside that we’ll mention about the Primal SteelBells is their price point. At $40, even their intro 10lb model seems to be pretty steep. Things max out at $150 for the 50lb model, and prices fall in-between those two points for the others. It’s tough to say whether or not these price tags are fair, simply because of the limited competition in the market. We will say that they are worth it when training, but we understand that they may not be the wisest investment for your first piece of workout equipment.


workout bellsHere’s a quick reminder of all the benefits we love about the ONNIT STEELBELL:

  • It adds a unique workout to your current routine.
  • The exterior is made from a high quality material that will last and the primate logo is a sure highlight.
  • Multiple different weight tiers for different athletic abilities.
  • A reliable name like ONNIT stands behind their products.


  • The price points for each weight is tough to gauge. It seems steep across the board to add these to your home gym.
  • We hope that ONNIT will continue to develop and improve upon the SteelBell concept.

Our Rating 4star out of 5 Stars

Who Are The ONNIT SteelBells Best For?

The best of the best should only consider the ONNIT SteelBells. That’s not to say that they aren’t worth every penny that you spend if you are a hardcore athlete. But with so many other options that you can add to your gym, the SteelBells may be a bit too limited for the price point they are at. But if you are a serious athlete that is still looking to mix up your home gym, then of course we think the SteelBells are worth adding. They will help you mix up your workout routines, while also adding some new equipment to your already awesome home gym.

Our Verdict

ONNIT is expanding into entirely new territories, and we’re happy to be along for the ride. If you are an industry leader and want to stay ahead of the curve, consider adding a Primal STEELBELL to your gym. But if you are just an average athlete that is still learning the ropes, you may want to hold off on this hefty investment for a limited piece of equipment.

Where can you Find this Mace?

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