Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting Shoe

Pendlay Do-win weightlifting shoe Review

It’s no surprise that Pendlay would have its own weightlifting shoe. Considering they make a quality line of weights, bars and other workout equipment, they have the knowledge and expertise to know exactly what is needed in a shoe.

While Pendlay does have the knowledge of what should be in a good shoe, the Pendlay Do-win weightlifting shoe model falls short of what I would expect from the brand.

The Look of the Pendlay Do-win Weightlifting Shoe

Pendlay Red Olympic Weightlifting shoe

At first glance the Do-win is a good-looking shoe. Unfortunately, that quickly wears off when you realize that it only offers a few different options for colors. In a previous post I mentioned, while the look of a shoe shouldn’t be the most important factor, it still needs to be considered in some regard.

The Pendlay Do-win only comes in two color options for men and one for women. And all three model colors, black or red for men and purple for women, seem quite limiting and are less appealing. The colors are a bit shiny, and while some people may like this, I believe it’s a bit too flashy (and not in a good way) that many weightlifters may not like.

Performance and Design

Pendlay Gray Olympic Weightlifting shoeThe good news about the Pendlay line is that they feel great on the feet. The Do-win design is wider than most shoes and has the standard 3/4 inch heel height. I have wider feet than most, so to have a shoe that feels comfortable throughout and not constricting, is very important.

However, after scouring the Internet for information regarding the Do-win, I was disappointed to hear that many people had a problem with the sole separating from the rest of the shoe. Although this hasn’t happened to me at the time of this review, it is disconcerting to hear that it may happen over time.

An added benefit of the Pendlay Do-win is the fact that it is an inexpensive shoe ($130 on average), however if it falls apart on you and you need to purchase another pair, this low-cost entry point has no validation.

Final Assessment

Our Rating: 3_5star out of 5 stars.


  • Made by a quality weighting company. Pendlay knows its stuff and hopefully they continue to improve their shoe.
  • Great option for those looking to upgrade from basic athletic shoes to a weightlifting shoe.
  • Affordable. Assuming you don’t have to buy another pair 6-months down the line.
  • Comfortable on wider feet.


  • The limited color selection is a bit of a hindrance. I know look shouldn’t matter, but you tell me that when you’re looking at these shiny, bright, disco shoes.
  • The durability is in question after hearing other people’s thoughts on this shoe. If it is as they say, all of the pros have much less value because weightlifting shoes should be built to last.


If I was looking for my first pair of weightlifting shoes and wanted an inexpensive option to see how different these shoes can feel in comparison to other types of athletic shoes, I would certainly consider the Pendlay Do-win line.

However, after trying as many shoes as I have, I can notice the subtle differences that others may not be able to. With that in mind, we recommend you try a few different brands (like the Nike Romaleos or Adidas Adipower); but if price is your concern and you are not swayed by color, the Rogue Do-win could be a perfect shoe for you since the price is less than the Pendlay Do-win. With that said the Pendlay do-win shoe maybe right for you, you decide.

In our next post we review the Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting shoe. Thanks for visiting, if you liked this article please use our social buttons to give us the thumbs up.

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