Reebok Oly Weightlifting Shoe Review

If you are looking for a mid-level Olympic Weightlifting shoe, the Reebok Oly shoes are a great option. And when I say mid-level, I truly mean middle of the road in every aspect. The Oly is priced less than Nike or Adidas but more than Pendlay or Rogue.

With that said, I also feel very middle of the road in regards to how I feel about these shoes. Part of me thinks if you want to pay for more than Pendlay or Rogue shoes, then step up to Nike or Adidas. Then again I figure that for some people, that might just be too much, so if they limit themselves to the $100 mark they can find a solid shoe with Pendlay or Rogue. I figured the only way to assist people who are considering this shoe was to do a review on them, so you can decide on your own if this shoe is worth purchasing or not.

The Look of the Reebok Oly Weightlifting Shoe

Reebok Olympic weight shoe

Performance and Design of the Reebok Oly

This shoe has a lot of positives. First of all, they are very lightweight. In comparison to tennis shoes or dress shoes that I have, this is pretty obvious. But it is also apparent when comparing them to other weightlifting shoes I’ve sported before as well.

Along with being lightweight, I also noticed a big difference in the feel of this shoe. It is quite flexible and allows for a lot of movement. As much as this makes the Reebok Oly comfortable, it did feel more unusual than other shoes when I was lifting. I couldn’t tell if I enjoyed the comfort, or was concerned with the more movement I was able to have.


Reebok Oly LifterWith all of this on my mind, I’m not sure if I truly could maximize my lifts for the day. Possibly because of the added flexibility, there were also times when the shoe felt as if it stretched out a bit and was suddenly bigger than I needed it to be. Again, nothing that was extremely terrible, but when you give as much attention to detail into shoes as I do, it was certainly noticeable. With these few downsides in mind, I have to say that when I factor in the price point and reputation of Reebok, it is a decent shoe.

I am not steering people away from purchasing it, if it is at the price point you want to be at for a quality pair of weightlifting shoes. However, if you are looking to pay less, you’ll probably be okay with the Pendlay or Rogue brands. And if you are able to splurge a bit, I recommend stepping up to Nike, Adidas, or even newcomer Risto.

The word on the Street…

“While maybe not the ultimate Oly shoe, this does give you the increased stability you need to nail the Oly lifts, wtih the added benefit of forefoot flexibilty to allow for additional movements in the WOD. Felt the difference on my first snatch. Fit well, though maybe not as snug in the toe box as I’d like. Overall I would definitely recommend this shoe. ” – 

“I am very satisfied with my OLY’s. I’ve had them for a few months now. Tell ya what…..I’ve never felt so stable lifting. I always wear anywhere from a 9.5 to 10. I heard they ran small so I went with a 9.5. My foot is on the wider side & these are a great fit. They aren’t too tight or wide. As for comfort, I wish all my shoes were this comfortable. I love box jumps & dubs in these. They absorb serious impact Like I said, I’ve only had them for a few months now & they are still in great condition. I haven’t rope climbed in these & for the sake of keeping them in good shape, don’t think I will. Overall I give them 5 star. I recommend them to all my crossfit buddies who don’t have lifting shoes.” – 

“I’ve had my Oly’s for about 18 months now and I can say that they’re exactly what they’re hyped up to be. I beat them up (averaging 10 wods a week) and only recently did one of the lace ties snap off #still allowing me to use the show daily). “ –


Final Assessment

Our Rating: 3 star out of 5 stars.


  • Comfortable flex fit shoe. Aside from the bit of concern I had when lifting, they were certainly comfortable.
  • Reebok is a well-known company and should continue to improve on their products.
  • Lightweight, comparatively speaking.


  • The middle of the road price makes me think its better to save your money or go all in on different brands.
  • Although the Reebok Oly boasts about its flex fit shoe, it leads to a lot of concerns that I may have.


I do not mean to bash Reebok. Like I said, it’s a decent shoe and I see it regularly on the weightlifting scene. I talk to a lot of people who enjoy the shoe and say they’d never switch. But from my tests and analysis of it, I believe there are other options that athletes would find better suited. However for some people the Reebok Oly maybe the perfect shoe for you.

Where can you grab a pair of Reebok Oly?


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