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Stepping Up To The Extreme – 500lb+ Weight Sets (Part 1)

Athletes who are looking to truly maximize their Olympic weightlifting goals need to view the sport completely different then those who just partake in the sport as a hobby. We are talking about more dedication to the sport, proper knowledge of how to rest and recover, what types of routines to maximize your potential, and the proper equipment needed to be your best.

This three-part series will take a look at all of these topics and how to help you prepare for taking your Olympic weightlifting experience to the next level.

So What Is Your Goal?

Athletes should begin by setting a goal. Setting goals gives you an idea of what you are attempting to achieve with all of your hard work and effort. Also, having a goal can give you a better idea of the steps needed to achieve everything you are attempting to attain.

Do you understanding your capabilities?

First and foremost, the goals that you set need to be realistic. Take a look at who you are as an individual. As much as we’d all like to lift enormous amounts of weight, our physical stature plays a big part in what we are able to attain. Even if you are the best of the best in the 56 kg weight class, the bigger athletes will be the best in their own weight classes, and will logically be able to lift more than you. With that said, you can be your best with the physical qualities you posses.
The Men’s Olympic weightlifting for men is broken down into eight classes. The weight classes, all measured in kilograms, include 56, 62, 69, 77, 85, 94, 105 and 105 and above. We understand that not all countries are as familiar with kilograms as they are with pounds, but international competitions will categorize you with kilogram weight divisions, so it’s probably best for athletes to get that figured out in the beginning.


Some athletes like 56 kg Olympic Record holder Om Yun-Chol (who set the record for Clean and Jerk with 168 kg) may not be need an extremely heavy set of weights:

Those like Hossein Rezazadeh (the 105 kg and above lifter who set a Clean and Jerk record of 263 kg) rely on much heavier sets of weight:
Heavy Record Holder

Even if you do not lift more than 200 kg with each lift, having a gym that is outfitted with a lot of weight options is convenient and easy for athletes. Instead of breaking down and re-racking your weights after each set, you can set up many bars with the appropriate weight that you need. This allows you to superset specific lifts, but also in not wasting time when switching between exercises.

In previous posts we have mentioned that for beginners, it is probably more logical to purchase a set of weights that is more cost efficient to assure that you enjoy the sport. But those that are looking to compete against others should consider purchasing a weight set with over 500 pounds of total weight.

Also, for gyms that have many athletes training at their facilities, buying in bulk is a great option to save money, as well as provide enough weights for every athlete that trains at your gym.

Rogue 500lb  and 1000lb HG Bumper Set

Olympic Weight Set Rreview: Rogue HG BumpersRogue Fitness, which we have also done a review on, offers one of the top options when purchasing bumpers in bulk. While they have great sets for the casual athlete, their 500 and 1000 pound HG Bumper Set is perfect for any serious athlete or gym owner. These sets allow you to fully customize your desired set, with weight combinations that total to 500 or 1000 pounds. You will find this extremely helpful as you progress and realize that lifting, or not being able to lift, something as small as 5 pounds can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

These sets offered by Rogue will run around $925 for the 500 pound set and $1,775 for the 1000 pound set. Although this may seem like quite the investment, it is an extremely fair price for such a quality brand and should be considered for serious athletes.

In an upcoming post, we will discuss other options available for lower prices. Considering we already did a review on Rogue Fitness, you can reference it to get an understanding of the quality of their products. They are considered by many to be one of the top brands available and their prices for their 500 and 1,000 pound sets, make it easy for bigger lifters to get exactly what they need.

We will also touch on the other important factors of Olympic weightlifting. Now that you have a better idea of how to set your goals, as well as an idea of an industry leader in bulk weight sets, check out our other reviews to get an idea of how to still increase your max lifts, for less money.

In our next article we continue our roundup of the big guns.

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