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Troy VTX Bumpers Review. An Unexpected, but Certainly Worthy Bumper Set

Troy Barbell is a company that makes quality Olympic Weightlifting sets for beginners and die-hards alike. This review will take a look at the Troy VTX Bumper Plate Set and see how it holds up and compares to other Olympic sets.

 Troy VTX sets

First off, one of the nicest things about Troy VTX sets are the different sets that you can purchase. The entry level for Troy includes pairs of 10, 25, and 45-pound weights. This is a great set for people who are just beginning weightlifting. They can begin with 10-pounds and work their way up until they find they need to add to their collection. This set also allows athletes to enter into the sport at around $300, before making more of an investment towards a gym.

The next set of plates offered by Troy includes the same pairs of 10, 25, and 45-pound weights but also adds a 15-pound pair as well. The addition of a 15-pound weight can really be helpful to athletes, as it will allow you to fine-tune your lifting. This ‘step-up’ set is great because you can mix and match many different weight combinations to get the most out of your exercises. The average retail price for this set is around $340. The extra $40 may be worth it for the additional weights over the entry set.

The men’s basic set comes with pairs of 10 and 25-pound weights, but it also comes with four 45-pound weights. The men’s basic is a great set that offers a lot of options to gain experience, but there may not necessarily be enough of a difference between the step-up set and the complete set to warrant purchasing this package. At $419, you would probably be better spending the extra for the next option, the complete set.

Olympic Weight Set review Troy VTX GOSS-300VR_midPossibly the best set available by Troy is the aforementioned complete set. This set comes with pairs of all the weights you need, including:

  • 2 x 45lb
  • 2 x 35 lb
  • 2 x 25lb
  • 2 x 10lb
  • 4 x 5lb
  • 2 x 2.5

The set maxes out at 260-pounds (not including bar) which can allow athletes to do every exercise, including power cleans, bench press, deadlifts, squats and more. If you start with the Troy entry level set, once you have familiarized yourself with Olympic weightlifting, this 260-pound set is to take your physical fitness to the next level. It is also perfect for athletes who want to maintain where they are. If you decide to go with a Troy set, this would probably be the best choice.

For advanced Olympic weightlifters that are trying to take their sport to the next level or compete on a regular basis, no gym is complete without the Troy VTX full outfit. With pairs of 10, 15, and 25-pound weights, it also comes with six, yes SIX, 45-pound weights. A whopping 370-pound set, this option may be a bit much for beginners. While it is a great investment, it may be best to work your way tot his level. However, if you are set on your Olympic weightlifting goals, this set would be your best option if you are ready to spend the extra money.

Now that you know what products Troy offers, the question is how they compare with other sets.

As to be expected for this price range, the VTX bumper plates come with steel inserts. Some cheaper bumpers come with brass inserts that are more likely to warp with consistent use. The Troy VTX steel inserts seem to be of good quality. They did scratch up a bit after loading the plates onto a bar, but that did not seem to have any effect on the fit of the weights to the bars. As a matter of fact, the fit is where the VTX strives.

In comparison to other weight sets in this price range, the Troy VTX seemed to slide on and off the plate very smoothly. And when lifting, the weights did not bounce around or move much from the position they were in once a clamp was thrown on. The diameter of some weight set inserts don’t always fit the bar perfectly, leaving a bit of a jerking feeling when doing some lifts. This was not nearly as noticeable on the VTX. It is a major bonus.

Olympic weight set review Troy oss-275The Troy VTX also has three other highlights worth mentioning. The weights themselves have both kilogram and pound markings on each weight. While many people use pounds in the United States, kilograms is helpful when referencing international weightlifting standards. Also, some of the VTX bumpers come in different colors that correspond to their weight.

This is more helpful then one may first think. Looking at your rack and seeing the correct colors in order is much easier than playing around with your set to make sure you have the correct amount of weight on each side. Lastly, the Troy VTX bumpers are thinner than other weight sets you may find. This lets athletes put more weight (usually an additional 10-pounds) than other sets will allow.

The major downside of the Troy VTX bumpers is their warranty. They do come with a one-year no-questions-asked guarantee, but other bumper sets (like Rogue) in this price range offer upward of two to three years.

Aside from the limited warranty, the Troy VTX bumper set is a great set of Olympic weights. While their multiple options for purchases and the color of the weights may seem novelty, it is actually quite convenient for athletes. It is not something that most people will think about, till you realize how nice it is to have. Furthermore, they come in at the same price as comparable bumper sets and they do not disappoint for the cost.


  • Great Price
  • Both kilogram and pound markings on Bumpers
  • Bumpers come in different colors
  • Bumpers comes in a thinner profile which allows more weight to be stacked.
  • Variety of Packages for entry level to advance
  • VTX set can come in a 400lb set


  • The diameter of some weight set inserts don’t always fit the bar perfectly.
  • Warranty: Only a one year no-questions-asked guarantee warranty included

OUR RATING 4star  3# Top recommended Entry Set !!

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