Universal Five Position Adjustable weight bench

Universal Five Position Weight Bench Review

During our time in and out of gyms, we have come across a variety of exercise equipment. One brand that has been around for quite some time is Universal Equipment. Universal is mostly known for being a brand that is great for beginner athletes who are just getting into weightlifting.

The equipment that we’ll be looking at today is the Universal Five-Position Weight Bench. This bench is perfect for beginners, as it is simple and inexpensive. However, it also offers a reliable quality that should last you for years to come. This content will take a further look into the Universal Five Position Weight Bench.

Universal Five Position Weight Bench Design and Features

Weight benches should be simplistic enough that they aren’t over complicated, yet sturdy enough so you know they are safe and reliable. This Universal bench fits each of those specifications perfectly.

This bench comes out of the box and is nearly ready to go immediately. It does take a bit of assembly, but nothing that should take you more than a few minutes to put together. Once you have completely assembled the bench, you will notice how sturdy and firm the entire frame feels. Also, the bench is very light in weight, which is perfect for moving it around to different areas in your gym.

The five different positions that this bench offers are just enough to mix things up for weightlifters. You can adjust this bench from decline to incline press, with varying angles in between. One complaint is that this bench doesn’t offer a 90-degree angle for shoulder exercises. This may not be a major issue for everyone, but it does seem odd that this position went overlooked when this bench was being made.

When you begin to compare a lot of benches, you start to notice even the smallest details. One thing that really stood out to us when using this Universal bench was the perfect amount of comfort that the padding provided. Many benches offer a lot of padding, which can sometimes feel less stable. On the other hand, some benches don’t have enough padding and you can almost feel the steel frame digging into your back during certain exercises. This Universal bench is the perfect middle ground of comfort and stability.


  • Universal makes fantastic products, no matter the price point. This is a perfect example of that.
  • This bench can be found for under $100, which is a complete steal.
  • Great aesthetic appeal. It isn’t necessarily fancy, but it looks great in most home gyms or fitness clubs.
  • One of the most comfortable benches on the market.


  • The leg holder is in a weird position for certain exercises.
  • There isn’t a conveniently handle on the frame, which makes rolling this bench into different areas in your gym a bit more difficult.

Rating 3_5star out of 4 stars.

Where Can You Find the Universal Five Position Weight Bench?

Conclusion on This bench

3.5 stars may seem a bit unfair. After all, this is a great bench by most standards. However, we’ve also looked a lot of detailed benches that seem to be a bit better. The only problem is that most of these benches are much more expensive than the Universal Five Position Weight Bench.

That said, for its price point, there are hardly any other options better than this bench. We highly recommend it and don’t think you can go wrong by adding it to your gym. However, if you’re looking to spend more money and invest a bit more, there are other options to consider. But if inexpensive and simple is your thing, you can’t go wrong with the Universal Five Position Weight Bench.


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